UDL coaching packages

At Inclusive Schools Australia we are committed to developing whole school practices that will support the inclusion of all students. We believe this can be achieved through a phased implementation of the Universal Design for Learning Framework (UDL).

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a research-based set of principles to guide the design of learning environments that are accessible and effective for all.

CAST, 2018 www.cast.org

We will train your teachers in the principles of UDL and support implementation through a coaching model that comprises face-to-face meetings and phone coaching. The type and duration of support is customised to the needs and budget of your school. We recommend working with a coach for a minimum of 4 terms to ensure new practices are embedded with the primary project team.

Phased UDL implementation:

Phase 1

  1. School creates a school-based UDL team which includes members of the Executive.
  2. Team determines how UDL Implementation process aligns with current initiatives and priorities for the school.
  3. Team determines the data that is available in the school to measure progress throughout the implementation process and identify data sources that will influence decisions on where and how UDL implementation will take place

Phase 2

  1. The team are trained and supported in applying the UDL framework in their practice.
  2. Team establishes project goals for the year.
  3. Team identifies the data it will need to provide baseline and progress measures.
  4. Team develop an action plan.

Phase 3

  1. Team determines which classrooms/faculties/stages of schooling will begin to implement UDL into their practice.
  2. The team engages in “trials” of data collection, trying out a guideline, and measuring changes in instruction and students’ performance and experience.
  3. The team develops a plan for sharing its members’ practice with others in the school.
  4. The team develops a plan of action for scaling to other classrooms in the school

Phase 4

  1. Team identifies other classrooms/faculties/stages of schooling review to enter Phase 2 of the implementation process.
  2. The original team members share their work and data with new team members to support buy-in to the project.
  3. The original team members mentor the new team members to support the scaling of UDL practices as identified in the action plan.