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Learning versus getting the work done

We’ve been reflecting on the past week that saw all of our schools shift to online learning and thinking about […]

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Planning online learning activities that are inclusive of all students

With the current COVID-19 situation here in Australia, many teachers have been directed to develop online and home-based learning activities […]

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Using UDL to guide the development of inclusive online learning.

We wanted to reach out to our school communities to let you know that we are here to support you […]

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The Evolution of Personalised Learning

The following article draws attention to ‘how’ students with disability learn and progress through the general education curriculum and explores […]

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Submission - NSW Curriculum Review

The NSW Curriculum Review aims to enhance the effectiveness of school education in NSW. At Inclusive Schools Australia we believe […]

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Essential Elements - Universal Design for Learning (Loui Lord Nelson)

The following podcast has been published by Loui Lord Nelson on her website The UDL Approach. The podcast provides an […]

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Adopting the three bears approach

 Differentiation is a difficult concept for many physical educators to get their heads around. If you run a one-size-fits-all, teach […]

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Fairness, inclusion and assessment in [PD]HPE

“Fair isn’t equal; fair is when everyone gets what they need.” Source:   As HPE teachers you have probably […]

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What does a truly inclusive school environment look like?

Features of inclusive schools Cheryl Jorgensen in her book The Inclusion Facilitator’s Handbook describes a truly inclusive school that welcomes […]

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