Inclusive education ensures that schools are supportive and engaging places for all school community members. It builds communities that value, celebrate and respond to diversity. It is underpinned by respectful relationships between learners and school community members.

The right to an inclusive school

The right to learn and access education opportunities on an equal basis with others is a fundamental human right, but one that many people with disability do not enjoy.

Between October 2016 and March 2017 Disability Discrimination Commissioner, Alastair McEwin conducted a national consultation to help guide his priorities and seek input from the disability community on how he can most effectively work to advance the rights of people with a disability.

The Disability Discrimination Commissioner met with over 1000 people in capital cities and regional centres across Australia and received 85 written submissions.

The collection of stories, videos and infographics summarise what the Disability Discrimination Commissioner heard during his national consultations.

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