Our consultancy services

We have provided consultancy support to a range of schools, government departments and organisations over the last 15 years. We can support you to develop programs, resources and implementation strategies that provide opportunities for quality learning outcomes for all students in your school setting.


Our coaching packages cater for all levels of support and budget and can be targeted at faculty, year level or a whole school approach. The packages provide support for your staff in developing inclusive teaching and learning programs that cater for the need of all students and designing assessment tasks and designing innovative lessons that address curriculum requirements.

Support teachers to understand how the flexibility available within the curriculum design can be used to provide access to rigorous, meaningful and engaging programs on the same basis for all students.

Program reviews

We work with your staff to review programs, identify barriers and make recommendations for improving access to all students using the UDL framework and conversations around learner variability.

Professional learning

We have presented conference sessions, workshops, staff meetings and network presentations exploring inclusive practices, putting the UDL framework into practice and include a specific focus on physical education programs


We are committed to supporting genuine collaboration and partnership between families and schools. We work with individual families, young people or teachers to ensure their voices are heard and their rights upheld.